Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Tahuli / Tavli peak trek via Badlapur side

ताहुली / तावली ,
26/1/2011..and 1/2/2015.
                  Any resident of Badlapur can miss this peak,, most of them dream to climb up it,, likewise being a Badlapur born myself, its been childhood dream to climb up there someday,finally after many yrs of hiking we chose republic day of 2011 to climb it.. will be honest straight away, its not for newbies or ones with poor sense of direction and assessment of how to tackle tough mountains by making own path..now to the actual trek...
                 we took first fast train to BUD from DR, which reaches around 7:45am at BUD. started walking towards Gandhi Chowk,,took turn via Katdare hall to Shivaji Chowk,,bought plenty of vadapaav had tea in a farsan shop there,, later walked till the highway towards those huge water tanks at Shirgaon,,later walked through the road next to water tanks till we were outskirts to human dwelling,, there were many stone quarries around,could hear dynamite going off.. we kept walking till we reached saroli village,and inquired about path to tavli,, they all said there is no path from here till top,, we gave them deaf ears,and asked instead which is furthermost area which u ppl go,so one guy showed us a path,we kept walking for abt 20-25 mins,later reached a small stream,,drank water over there,refilled our reserves,it was by then around 10am.. till this trek was just normal plain walking,,spotted plenty of variety of bulbuls,,snakes,bee eaters,scores of butterflies,etc.. Now comes the tough part..

View of Tahuli from trek path soon after Saroli/savroli village
  After getting hydrated at that stream luckily we saw few villagers,probably who lit fire on top of hills adjacent to Tavli,,coming towards us across the stream,,we asked them how to reach top,they too said they had never tried reaching top from this side of the hill,but there is route from Kalyan side,,(of course we know that),,later they showed us a path to take to reach a ridge,which looked possible for us to reach to peak if we kept climbing through it..so we took that path only to find that it was full of thorny plants,highly dense and of huge boulders in between,had to climb trees and through branches onto boulders,took at least 3 hrs for us after lots of acrobats to reach top of the ridge..now new problem arises,,villagers has lit plants on fire on top,, scorching heat from Midnoon sun added to this man made heat,, was boiling hot,our water reserve too got over,unfortunately thats the last time we had water till 9pm at kalyan stn :( ,, now we got over the ridge,it was steep and slippery due to loose mud over it,, steepness takes lots of stamina,and added heat was making it worse,,could hardly walk 5-6 steps,,took 2 more hrs to reach top of the ridge where it connects to bottom of the huge structure of Tavli peak...
 Last water source stream few mins walk from saroli village,,base of tavli 
                                                         Route through the shrubs
                    first glimpe of Taavli structure                              
 Steep climb in the final section

Now, we reached the top rock structure,,it was around 1-2pm already,, we found it was 3 different cylindrical rock formations with huge gap between each of them,rocks were so loose and brittle,even huge ones can be broken down by shear force,,so by a dangerous traverse we reached the last cylindrical rock..
 Ridge walk from top of first hill towards tahuli peaks

View of Badlapur from Tahuli peaks base
 Reached the first cylindrical structure
dangerous traverse begins

 tough route
 beneath the first cylindrical structure

dangerous scree

later we wasted huge time in climbing up the last cylinder directly to reach to main tavli peak.by now it was 4:30pm.. we decided to revert back to traverse and try another route,later we found there was a traverse right till end of the main peak but was even more dangerous,as it had steep slope on one side and wall on another,, somehow we reached other end of it,, finally we saw the route which ppl who live on top of that peak ,use,... we reached to top thinking we would get water up there,,found a dirty tank,with ppl living on top,,we didnt like the quality of it,took few pics,explored and later descended towards kushavali village,, it was 5:30pm already,amazing sunset from top..
 Sunset over Shri Malang
 Ganesh Karthik pinnacle
View of Tahuli from Malang 
After a long walk descending,we reached kushavali village,later took bus to Kalyan stn,, that ends an adventurous trek... i have marked the path we took in Wikimapia u can check that out .
Happy Trekking
"Keep the forts clean,do not litter around,keep trekking commercial free"


  1. I saw this peak daily and thanks for info

  2. It's kasheli village not kushavali

  3. Very few articles about this peak, thanks for the detailed information, it would be great if you add roadmap to base from badlapur station

  4. Hey can you share the link of your route map

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  6. will try to get gps for the trek next time when i trek there